Kristen Stewart Bears a Striking Resemblance to Princess Diana in New Spencer Photos

Her days as Bella Swan are long gone, because Kristen Stewart has moved on from the Cullens to the crown.

New photos from the set of Kristen’s next movie, Spencer, underscore her uncanny resemblance to Princess Diana, whom she plays in the upcoming royal film.

Released on Thursday, Feb. 25, the photos show that the 30-year-old actress can totally pull off Diana’s signature shaggy blonde hairstyle.

Kristen donned a red and green plaid blazer and sunglasses for a street scene on a busy road. It was reminiscent of an outfit 29-year-old Diana notably wore in January 1989, when Prince Harry was 4 and Prince William was 6.

Another movie shot captured Kristen in a velvet skirt and black tights—with just a touch of KStew’s personal style. On her feet are none other than a pair of black Adidas sneakers, which likely didn’t make it into the final shot.

Last month, fans got a first look at the Happiest Season star as the late British royal, and the pic definitely made us do a double take.

Directed by Pablo LarraínSpencer reportedly also stars Sally Hawkins and Sean Harris.

The film, titled after Diana’s maiden name, is expected to center on her strained relationship with her ex-husband, Prince Charles. They officially divorced in August 1996, and she died in a highly-publicized car accident one year later.

From Stewart to Spencer, Kristen continues to prove why she’s a perfect fit to play the beloved leader, philanthropist and mother.

firo / Sebastian El-Saqqa / DPA Picture Alliance / Avalon

Last year, Kristen spoke to Jimmy Kimmel about how she was preparing for the part and admitted that she felt “protective” of Princess Diana.

“I was really young [and] didn’t really know what was going on,” she shared. “But now, it’s hard not to feel protective over her. I mean, she was, like, so young and obviously she comes out to here.”

As for what Spencer will cover, the star explained, “My movie takes place over, like, three days, and it’s this, like, really poetic internal imagining of what that might have felt like rather than, giving, like, new information. So, we kind of don’t have a mark to hit. We just also love her.”


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