Saginaw Grant, ‘The Lone Ranger’ and ‘Breaking Bad’ actor, dead at 85.

Prolific Native American actor Saginaw Grant of “The Lone Ranger” fame died on Wednesday from natural causes. He was 85.

His publicist Lani Carmichael told the Associated Press that he passed away at a private care facility in Hollywood, California.

Saginaw Grant.©Strand Releasing/Courtesy Ever

Grant’s other parts included a role in the Anthony Hopkins film, “The World’s Fastest Indian,” and a stint on the 1993 CBS series “Harts of the West,” starring Beau Bridges and his dad, Lloyd Bridges.

The Oklahoma native also had a guest-starring role in AMC’s “Breaking Bad” where he played a truck driver in the 2013 episode, “Ozymandias.”

Grant also had parts in shows such as “Baywatch,” “My Name Is Earl,” “American Horror Story,” “Shameless,” “Baskets” and “Veep.”

He even participated in the National Gathering of American Indian Veterans. The event is held annually in Wheaton, Illinois where participants honor veterans and military personnel of all cultures, eras and branches in a Native American style.

Grant is survived by his daughter Lisa; grandchildren Cassandra, Vanessa and Della as well as his great-grandchildren Joseph, Sherry Jo, Stephen and Micah Little Crow; and brothers Austin and Francis.


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