What Bruce Willis Said About Masks After Store Incident

Bruce Willis has responded to reports he “refused” to put on a mask inside a Los Angeles store.

The Die Hard actor has spoken out after he was photographed in a Rite Aid without a face-covering, with reports alleging he refused to comply with coronavirus regulations in public.

“It was an error in judgment,” the 65-year-old told People following the incident. “Be safe out there everyone and let’s continue to mask up.”

According to Page Six, patrons of the store became agitated when the action movie star entered the store without his mask but with a bandana around his neck that he did not use to cover his mouth and nose. Willis is said to have left without making any purchases.

Tensions are high in Los Angeles County, which is currently the epicenter of the coronavirus crisis in the state of California, where COVID-19 deaths have surpassed the 10,000 mark and there have been 933,000 recorded cases.

It was reported this week that a 105-year-old Californian woman passed away from the virus in the same week she was due to receive the vaccine.

Earlier this year, Willis revealed he was isolating with his ex-wife Demi Moore and their daughters Scout, Rumer and Tallulah, at the family home in Idaho. His current wife, Emma Heming, remained in L.A. with their young children Mabel and Evelyn.

Speaking about the situation, Scout told the Dopey podcast said: “It’s been so funny because to me they’re just like my super f****** weird parents but to everyone else, they’re at this different level.

“It’s actually been really cool. My stepmom was supposed to come up here with my little sisters but my younger sister, who is now about to be six years old, at a park, had never gotten the talk about not f****** with hypodermic needles that she found, so she actually tried to poke her shoe with it and poked her foot.”

She added: “So my stepmom had to be in L.A. waiting to get the results from taking her to the doctor so my dad came up here and then travel got crazy so my stepmom stayed in LA with my little sisters,”

As cases continue to rise in L.A. a swinger party was busted this week by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, with more than 200 people detained.





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